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At Springs Rejuvenation we believe aging and disease is a choice not a destiny. All too often people lose hope, and say goodbye to the things they enjoy most in life. Our mission is to create another option, a future where there is hope. We offer top of the line preventive diagnostics in addition to regenerative therapeutics. All with a single objective, to help our community achieve their health and wellness goals.

We carefully tailor treatment plans specific to your individual needs. Contact us today at 310-882-0854 or info@springsrejuvenation for more information on our non-surgical, minimally invasive services.

Why Choose Springs Rejuvenation?

Here we focus on the most natural sources of therapeutics to help with everything from joint wellness, hair restoration, men's health, women's health, facial and skin aesthetics. In addition we utilize a unique diagnostic platform which combines the use of high resolution imaging, and advanced blood/biomarkers which are then analyzed by both our physicians and AI platform. All to create a comprehensive picture of your current state. Here we can utilize bioidentical hormone replacement, electrolytes, vitamins, and other advanced modalities to help bring the body back to its optimal state.


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