IV Stem Cell Therapy

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What is IV stem cell therapy?

IV stem cell therapy using mesenchymal cells is a promising form of regenerative medicine that uses bone marrow, adipose, or umbilical cord derived stem cells in an effort to help a variety of conditions. These types of infusion have shown potential to help reduce inflammation, improve circulation and increase the body’s natural capabilities among a wide array of conditions.

What is IV Exosome Therapy

Exosomes IV therapy is an emerging therapy that uses stem cell exosomes in an effort to help a variety of conditions. Exosomes are tiny nanoparticles released by stem cells, which contain proteins, lipids, and genetic information. By injecting them directly into the bloodstream, they may be used to transfer beneficial elements to targeted areas in order to promote healing and regeneration. Some studies have shown that Exosome IV therapy may be a useful tool in a variety of conditions.

What are some of the conditions showing promise Stem Cell Therapy?

Currently reports are showing the potential benefits in:

  • Neurological disorders
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Sports injuries
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Joint pain and degeneration
  • Age - related illnesses such as Osteoarthritis,
  • Skin Conditions such as psoriasis
  • Burns

Stem Cell IV Therapy Benefits

What are the benefits of IV stem cell therapy and the benefits of Exosome therapy?

IV stem cell therapy is a new approach gaining popularity for its wide array of potential benefits. Some of the reported benefits of a cellular IV therapy includes:

  • Stimulation of tissue regeneration
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Acceleration in wound healing and tissue repair
  • Pain relief and restoration of mobility
  • Support the immune system.


IV stem cell therapy can help a wide range of body parts, such as the shoulder, knee, hip, wrist, elbow and joints. This therapy is also used to aid with neurological and muscular conditions by providing high quality cells that reduce inflammation and promote tissue regeneration. Furthermore, some studies have suggested that this type of therapy may even help speed up recovery from some forms of stroke. Finally, IV stem cell therapy has been shown to improve blood circulation throughout the body by increasing the number of red blood cells while decreasing platelet aggregation in vessels. Currently a wide array of conditions are being studies for the potential benefit with cell therapy including

IV Stem Cell Treatment Process

What should I expect during IV stem cell treatment?

Post Stem Cell IV Instructions

A typical IV stem cell therapy involves administering cells, typically through a drip into the patient's vein. During treatment, fluids are also administered. This process usually takes around an hour to complete and may involve multiple sessions spread out over several days. After the drip is complete, most patients can return home and resume their normal activities, although they might feel slight discomfort in their veins at the injection site.

Exosome Stem Cell IV Push

An Exosome Stem Cell IV Push is a type of intravenous therapy in which exosomes, which are nanometric size vesicles secreted by stem cells, are administered directly into the bloodstream to promote healing.

Is IV stem cell therapy safe?

Although there are risks associated with any medical procedure. The most common side effect reported is mild discomfort at the injection site, but this quickly resolves with no further issues.

Stem Cell IV Therapy Side Effects

What are some side effects of IV stem cell therapy?

While current stem cell research is showing promising and safe results, it is still experimental and research is being done. Mild reactions are expected to subside within a week but can potentially last longer depending on the individual. As always, it's important to talk to your health care provider if you have any questions or concerns regarding possible side effects while undergoing stem cell therapy.

Mild side that effects may occur during and after treatment including

  • Fatigue
  • Pain in the injection site
  • Joint discomfort
  • Headaches
  • Flu-like symptoms

Stem Cell IV Therapy Cost

How much is IV stem cell therapy?

The cost of intravenous stem cell therapy can vary depending on the desired protocol. A personalized plan can be generated since each individual and may be unique. In order to come up with an accurate number, patients can consult with one of our medical staff members or schedule a complimentary consultation.