Stem Cells For Anti-Aging

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Are stem cells used for anti-aging?

As we age, our bodies gradually lose the ability to regenerate and repair damaged tissue. This leads to structural degeneration (wrinkles, sagging skin), functional decline of major organs, loss of liveliness and decreased ability to fight age related conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and arthritis. However, stem cells and exosomes may provide a potential solution to this problem and offer a powerful tool for anti-aging. Stem cells are a type of blank slate cell that has the ability to develop into any other type of cell in the body with ability to self-renew, heal and strengthen many areas of the body. Scientists have long been researching the potential of stem cells for anti-aging purposes. We now know that stem cells can delay or even reverse the aging process and be a powerful tool in the fight against age-related diseases.

How stem cell therapy works for anti-aging

Studies have shown that stem cells are an effective way we can help to reverse some of the effects of aging. Stem Cells help by reducing inflammation, tissue repair, regeneration of skin, joints, bone and organs. The introduction of youthful stem cells into the human body can rejuvenate existing cells and allow the body to age stronger and more gracefully.

As a result, stem cell therapy has the potential to improve quality of life and increase longevity and delay the aging process.

What happens to stem cells as we age?

Stem Cells are They are found in all humans, they are the building blocks of life. They enable us to quickly recover from injuries such as sports related injuries to degenerative diseases and conditions such as arthritis, heart disease and Alzheimer’s s. Adult Stem Cells provide the nutrients and instructions for a stronger and healthier body. However as we age, so do our own stem cells and the quantity of them within the body. The lesser of these regenerative stem cells in the body mean fewer and fewer cells capable of repairing and rejuvenating your body fully and naturally.

What is the best stem cell for anti-aging?

One of the most potent and untainted sources of stem cells are sourced from the umbilical cord. Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells are self-renewing and multipotent. They can be used for stem cell and exosome therapy and have been shown to be effective in treating a wide variety of age related diseases. The most common way to administer cord stem cells is through an intravenous infusion as well as intra articular/intramuscular injections. This method allows the cells to directly enter the bloodstream, where they can then travel and rejuvenate all major organs throughout the body or be directly injected to the site of the injury.

Who can benefit from stem cell anti-aging treatments?

Many people can benefit from stem cell anti-aging treatments. The younger you start to incorporate stem cells into health and wellness, the more benefit you will yield in return. Even older patients can experience significant improvements in their appearance, overall health and longevity. It is not too late! In general, stem cell therapy can be an effective way to reduce the signs of aging, improve skin tone and texture, and promote cell regeneration. As a result, patients of all ages can benefit from this treatment.

How soon before you begin to feel the benefits of anti-aging stem cell therapy?

Results can vary from patient to patient. One patient may feel the benefits of stem cell therapy in a few days, in others a few weeks. Typically, most of our patients start to see and feel the gradual effects somewhere between 4-6 weeks.

How long do the effects of stem cell anti-aging treatments last?

After a patient receives stem cell or exosome therapy, they will continue to gradually see improvements each month. This can last from 6 months to a year and even some cases fully regenerate long term! However, each patient’s age and wellness goals differ from the next. Our providers will tailor a treatment plan specific to each patient’s individual needs.

What is the cost of anti-aging stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is not covered by insurance. Pricing may differ by location, injection area and treatment plan. The cost can range from $4,000 to $12,000 per injection, depending on the patient's condition, injury or disease. Our aesthetic procedures can range from $1,500- $4,000.