Is stem cell therapy better than knee replacement surgery?

As we age our bodies begin to show signs of wear and tear. One of the most common areas this is seen is in the knees, as they take on a lot of the weight of our bodies day in and day out. For some people, this can lead to pain and even disability. Knee replacement surgery is one option that can help alleviate this pain and improve mobility. But what if there was another way? 

Today, patients are not convinced that total knee replacement is the best choice for them and have discovered new options with regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, Exosome injections, PRP and more! Most all patients have significant benefits with stem cell injections, in helping prevent or delay knee replacement surgery. For others, stem cell therapy won’t repair their injury or help ease pain. So how can you tell if you are a candidate for stem cell injections in your knee? Dr Charles Pereyra wants to help patients understand stem cell injections, its benefits, limitations and how it may help some find relief from knee pain caused by injury or arthritis. Stem cell therapy and knee replacement surgery are both effective treatments for knee pain, stem cell therapy has a number of advantages over surgery.

Benefits of Choosing Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Conditions

First, stem cell therapy is a non-surgical procedure, which means there is no risk of infection or complications. Second, stem cell therapy is often more successful in reducing pain than knee replacement surgery. In addition, stem cell therapy is typically much less expensive than surgery. Finally, stem cell therapy can be used to treat a wide range of other medical conditions, while knee replacement surgery is limited to treating only knee pain. As a result, stem cell therapy may often be the best option for treating knee pain. Why?

Regenerative medicine works by recruiting the body’s cells to help with the process of regeneration of our own natural material, thereby speeding up the healing process. Stem cells act like a catalyst that gets the body to naturally heal itself. As a result, knee conditions caused by ligament injuries, tendonitis, or arthritis can all potentially benefit from stem cell therapy. 

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Patients looking to avoid knee replacement surgery often turn to it after exhausting their non-surgical treatment options. 

Benefits of choosing stem cell therapy include:

Decrease inflammation

Repair damaged tissue

Reduced dependency on pain medications

Reduced pain and  joint stiffness

Better mobility

Slowing the degeneration of cartilage

Safe and effective

Faster recovery

Long term results

Cons of Stem cell therapy for knees

The goal of stem cell therapy is to avoid joint replacement surgery and increase in quality of life. However, Stem cell therapy is not for everyone. For some, patients will need imaging done to determine eligibility for bone-on-bone knee treatments or patients with severe arthritis. This will be determined after your complimentary consultation with Dr Charles Pereyra.

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