Why We Age? You Are In Control

Aging itself is the mother of virtually all diseases. Aging syndrome takes place in our 20s, by middle age our cells have grown larger, become fattier, they divide more slowly, our muscles and joints become stiffer, tissue changes therefore lead to organ changes. Our hormone and stem cell levels drop off by the age of 35. Aging is not one thing going wrong, it’s many things that go wrong at the same time. Solving aging is how, where , why and how questions. 

Aging results are from lost or distorted information, breakdown of cellular regulation and  communication.  

Radiation, Stress, Environmental toxins, crappy diets, not enough exercise, and our physical and emotional systems get neglected. The good news-  You can write a new ending to your  biological stories and a new middle too. Can sustain our youth throughout our lives, live them in a more robust feeling  and feel great while doing it.

Our genes are not our destiny!

Powerful Lifestyle factors that control epigenetics: Diet, exercise, obesity, physical activity, tobacco smoke, alcohol consumption, environmental pollutants, physiological stress and working on night shifts. Aging is the mis-regulation of your  epigenome. As we age, the need for DNA repair increases. And because DNA damage accumulates the need for repair is constantly increasing. How can we revive and supercharge our Sirtuins? NAD+ a molecule that is critical  to power the entire Sirtuins system. Around age 50 is when we lose about half of our NAD+, right when we need it the most to power at peak efficiency.

These articles represent the opinions of our physicians and authors and are not intended as medical advice.

Once we figure out how to restore our epigenome to an earlier age, everything changes: diabetes, macular degeneration, Parkinson’s, etc . They will be fixable or preventable instead of incurable. Aging isn’t scripted into our biological program. 

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