Where Do Stem Cells Come From?

At the beginning of life, there is a stem cell, which serves as the origin of an organism’s life. Stem Cells are the basic building blocks of every tissue and organ in the body. Umbilical cord is made up of tissue that contains blood. Both cord blood and cord tissue are rich sources of stem cells. Cord blood and cord tissue can be easily collected (otherwise thrown away) immediately after the healthy baby is born without risk or pain to the mother or baby. They are then transported and sorted through a lab to obtain the highest quality cells. After the sorting  and quality assurance process they are then frozen at -80°C. Frozen at age zero, these cells are in top condition. They are uncorrupted by viruses, UV rays, untainted by alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances. Making these stem cells safe and effective for healing and repair.

Adult Stem Cells

Stem cells derived from your own fat or bone marrow are aged stem cells. 

They do not have the capacity to differentiate into the organs of the various repair functions that we want. these cells are very scarce and are present in small numbers. In bone marrow and fat we do find stem cells but their aged stem cells, not as potent and they do not occur in sufficient amounts to do the repair process that we prefer.

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