I have suffered arthritis in my knee for a few years now. I feel lots of pain whenever I’m training my legs, therefore I’m always in my knee brace. After the Stem cell shot, I feel much better and it’s only been a week and half. No more knee brace. MY KNEE FEEL AMAZING…

What has changed is a few other things. Less general aches and pains, better sleep, no more day time fatigue either; I had three hours of meetings this morning and was alert and 100% engaged the whole time. Before, I\'d have been fighting to stay awake after the first half hour. The most remarkable change is the bladder. Within a few hours of the treatment the incontinence stopped, and within a few days no more urgency or frequency and no recurrence since with no significant diet or fluid. That\'s a game changer in ways I can\'t describe! Thank you Dr Charles!

I am so excited to see all the different benefits I get from IV stem cell therapy with exosomes

My procedure has been one of the easiest medical procedures I’ve ever done in my life. Dr. Charles Pereyra has just really been incredible. I loveded his approach and the way he puts you at ease. It's a simple IV procedure sitting in a nice comfy chair while getting powerful stem cells pumped into your body. The whole thing has been delightful!

When I first came to Springs Rejuvenation to see Dr Charles, my shoulder was a mess, after years of training. After my injection a couple months later I got my range of motion back and got back in the game. I just received my 2nd dose through an intravenous injection, I’m excited to feel good, get rejuvenated!

This is for anyone with pain… so this isn't just about getting athletes back in the game faster, this is really about getting ANYONE back in the game of life.