Stem Cell Hair Replacement – Things You Didn’t Know

Springs Rejuvenation stem cells for hair growth

Hair loss is an unfortunate part of many people’s lives. Though both genders can suffer from the problem, men tend to grapple with it more and at younger ages. Though there are options for hair loss, their effectiveness tends to vary, and it’s not uncommon for men to give up and shave their heads.

New Solutions: Stem Cells for Hair Growth

In recent years, research in different medical fields has created new choices for treating hair loss. One option has become increasingly viable for both genders, and that is stem cells for hair growth. Stem cell research has improved dramatically in recent years, and so has the understanding of how stem cells relate to the rest of the human body.

While many factors result in hair loss and thinning, the central core is that follicles close and prevent hair growth. Stem cells can be used to resolve this issue. Research shows that when hair follicle stem cells were mixed with skin cells and transplanted into the skin, the stem cells grew into hair follicles that produced hair.

Less Invasive

Traditional hair replacement surgery can be invasive and painful. This method surgically moves healthy hair follicles from one part of the head to an area experiencing hair loss. It is an effective way of handling hair loss. However, stem cells for hair growth are less invasive and do not require any cutting or anesthetic. That’s because the procedure targets specific follicles rather than the scalp itself.


Since stem cell hair loss treatment is non-invasive, there is no recovery time. Instead, the procedure is a series of injections into the scalp, and when completed, the client is free to resume their regular schedule.


One month after the injection, hair growth should begin. Full results are seen in 4-6 months.

Hair Rejuvenation Anywhere

Stem cells can become any cell in the body, including different kinds of hair. Therefore, hair loss on the head is not the only place stem cells can be used for hair growth. This method can be used to regrow hair in other areas on the body, i.e., eyebrows, mustache.

Stem cell research has allowed for significant medical advances, and one of those advances is in the field of hair loss. Those faced with thinning hair may want to consider stem cells for hair regrowth.

Springs Rejuvenation

Are you experiencing thinning hair or significant hair loss? Springs Rejuvenation can help. Our stem cell therapy can improve your hair growth, texture, and strength. Contact us at 404-780-5617 and set up an appointment today.


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