Hair Restoration

Our Signature Non-Surgical Treatment for Hair Growth & Rejuvenation

Looking into getting a hair transplant? Non-surgical hair loss treatments such as stem cell therapy is latest in hair replacement treatments, perfect for both men and women who are starting to suffer from thinning hair and want to restore it without using any nasty chemicals or invasive surgery. Balding and hair loss can happen for any number of reasons, the most common being androgenic alopecia. To many, this is better known as just male pattern baldness in men and female pattern baldness in women. Whatever you call it, it’s not particularly enjoyable for anyone.

Baldness & Thinning Hair is All Too Common

Most men will see their hairline begin to recede and lose hair from the top and front of the scalp. Around one-third of all men over age 30 have some degree of male pattern baldness, and once you get up past 50 years old, well over half of all men are starting to bald and lose hair. You can call us for a complementary assessment today at Springs Rejuvenation so we can assess and decide on the best course of action.

Female pattern baldness is slightly different. You can expect to start noticing this because of bald spots or general thinning hair. Hair loss can occur to anyone for any reason, but that reason tends to be the end of menopause in women. That’s why over the age of 50, nearly two-thirds of women begin to report thinning hair and other symptoms of baldness. If you are starting to suffer from hair loss just know that you are not alone.

The process of losing your hair can be devastating physically and psychologically for some. Luckily, we now have some fantastic treatments available to us to help anyone suffering hair loss. We want to help you look and feel the absolute best. So if you have been searching for a non-surgical hair loss solution, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Stem cell injections for hair loss might be the answer for you. Contact us or call at (404) 780-5617 to get a scalp assessment today!

What is PRP & Stem Cell Hair Restoration?

The term PRP (platelet-rich plasma) may sound complicated, but it’s nothing more than your blood enriched with the platelets we are looking for. PRP will contain several different growth factors that will stimulate the healing of anything from soft tissue to bone, muscle and hair! In past decades PRP has moved from the skin and wound healing treatment to one used across pain management, sports med, and cosmetic surgeries.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections and Stem Cell (MSC’s) Injections are state-of-the-art hair loss treatments. Platelet-rich plasma is an incredible advancement because we can utilize your blood. The combination of both has been shown to be most effective for stimulating hair growth and restoration naturally. Learn more about platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapy. 

What to expect during treatment?


The process is straightforward. So once you’re settled in your room, a professional will come in and draw blood from your arm. This blood will be taken and spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the blood. Stem cells, in combination with the PRP, will be mixed together-forming a potent growth factor solution. After numbing the area well, the PRP and Stem Cell solution will be injected directly into the scalp. It will, in turn, begin to stimulate new and thick hair to grow throughout areas around the scalp, including hairline restoration. Expect to be in and out in less than an hour. 


We are big proponents of using the body’s own cells and abilities to heal! The research into platelet-rich plasmas efficacy for hair loss treatment is still ultimately being researched and is not at all meant to take the place of FDA-approved hair loss therapies. But it is a promising non-surgical option for many people. This incredibly advanced form of hair restoration has shown in clinical results to help restore truly dense, thick hair for many individuals. Feel free to  contact us and our medical hair specialists at – (404) 780-5617 for a free scalp assessment or to ask any questions you may have!