Anti-Aging Facial

Our Signature Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facelift Facial: Reversing the Inevitable

What effect does stem cells have on the face?

As we age, the fullness of the face begins to deflate and the skin starts to lose its elasticity. This process causes the skin to droop and loosen causing us to look tired and unhealthy. One of the first places we notice loss of volume is under the eyes and the cheeks. Our Stem Cell Facial, (a natural non-surgical facelift), addresses all these issues in one procedure that is completely non-invasive! With the use of MSC Exosomal Stem Cells, our anti-aging Stem Cell facial causes your own body’s cells to begin producing collagen, this will help with the: elimination of scars, wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots and produce smoother, younger, tighter skin.

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Alternative Medicine especially Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy is Rapidly becoming the preferred alternative for general health and wellness.

Process and Procedure

Plastic surgery can temporarily reduce the outward appearance of aging. But it cannot address the core causes that make us age. Cosmetic surgery can’t restore energy levels or relieve the aches, pains, and degenerative effects of aging. Stem cells, however, aren’t simply skin deep. As an anti aging treatment, they literally combat the aging process from the cellular –even the molecular- level all through the body and they do all this without invasive, painful surgery or the need for recovery periods of any length of time.

  1. Stem cell injections -directly injected into the face where you would put botox or fillers)
  2. Microneedling– Microneedling alone is a successful treatment for skin rejuvenation, however, used in combination with stem cells, it can accelerate the natural wound-healing response, providing more stimulation of growth factors with a faster healing response and reduced downtime. This, in turn, maximizes patient outcomes and overall satisfaction.
  3. The cost of the Stem Cell Facelift is a fraction of the cost of older methods of cosmetic surgery since it does not require general anesthesia and takes less time to perform. Also, the entire face (forehead, eyes, nose, temples, cheeks, laugh lines, lips, jaw, neck and chin) can be done all at the same time with The Stem Cell Facelift procedure.