What to Expect From Stem Cell Therapy for Orthopedic Joint Injections?

Stem cell therapy can be highly effective for treating joint pain or injury in the knees, shoulder, hip, elbow, neck and spine. It is non-invasive and mostly pain free.  Nevertheless, it is common for patients to notice a positive treatment outcome in only few weeks. A reduction in pain, inflammation, improvement in range of motion, and joint repair are some of the benefits of one stem cell treatment. In some cases, this form of regenerative therapy can slow down the progression of a degenerative condition and potentially eliminate the need for harsh surgeries.


The most important part of any stem cell therapy is adhering to your pre and post-procedure guidelines. (Which will be discussed in detail before and after your procedure). Good healing during the first two months after the procedure will give you the best chance for success. The cells are fragile, and you need to be cautious that there isn’t an overload on the newly treated joint.

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